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Trucker Buddy Scholarship


To provide scholarships to the children and dependents of Trucker Buddies and schoolteachers pursuing careers in preferably transportation and/or education.


Trucker Buddy is a program with three main components, the
driver, the teacher and the student.  Supporting those three
parts of our program with scholarships will help produce future
teachers and drivers for Trucker Buddy and our industry. 
This also rewards individuals within the program for their hard
work and dedication.

Applications are now available and must be turned in by
July 1, 2014. The Committee will select the students and
awardees will be notified by by July. 31st and the money
will be delivered to to the appropriate school by August 30, 2014.


PeopleNet will provide $4,000 to fund to teachers, and drivers relatives of $1,000 per student per year.

Qualifications of Participants

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Application for Funds PDF

  1. The student must be the children including grandchildren or dependent of an active teacher or driver enrolled in the program at the date of awarding the scholarship.
  2. Tenure in the program and need will be a factor in selection.
  3. Children entering transportation or education orientated studies will be given priority. Preference will be given to transpiration/education oriented studies including teaching, truck driving school, logistics, and diesel mechanics.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Scholarships will be awarded based on the rules and regulations of the scholarship program and administered by the Scholarship Committee.
  2. Funds will be placed in a separate bank account and will be used only for scholarship purposes.
  3. Checks will be written directly to the college or driving school the student chooses.
  4. Funds can be directed toward tuition, books or room and board.
  5. Scholarships are a once per year gift and must be reapplied for each year. There is no guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded again.

Scholarship Committee

  1. The scholarship committee will be 3 individuals as selected by the Board and no contact
    information of the members of the committee will be given to applicants.
  2. The Committee will have complete authority to select the recipients of the scholarships.
  3. The scholarships will be determined by the funding of the program and scholarship committee.

Promotion and Communication

  1. All the drivers and teachers will be made aware of the scholarships through emails, the website, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Those receiving scholarships will be shown on the Trucker Buddy website, the Trucker Buddy eMagazine as well as the websites if agreed to by the awardees.
  3. The awardees will be notified by telephone, email and confirmed by registered letter.







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