Available Teachers

Before you sign up or add a classroom be sure to view the classrooms we have available.

These are the teachers that are available and want a Trucker Buddy. 
If you don't see a class in your area then go ahead and sign up because we have teachers signing up all the time.

City State Grade  # of Students Special Edu.
Yuma AZ 1st 1 No
Wickenburg AZ 5th 23 No
Albion CA 3rd 15 No
El Cerrito CA 4th-6th 12 Yes
Littlerock CA 1st-5th 20 No
Halifax Canada 1st 19 No
Airdrie Canada 5th 20 No
Brampton Canada 5th 26 No
Gunnison CO 9th 1 No
Wallingford CT k-8th 20 No
Webster MA 2nd-4th 7 Yes
Lansing MI 6th 27 No
Belfry MT 3rd-4th 6 No
Kendall Park NJ 2nd 24 No
Kampala Uganda k-5th 20 No
Windsor VA 4th 23 no
Mazomanie WI 9th-11th 9 No


Many of the students [in the Trucker Buddy program] struggle with academics. However, they work hard and achieve success because they are fascinated by the trucking industry.

~ Mrs. B.

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