Bob and Linda Caffee, owner operators with Landstar Express has nominated there teacher Stéphanie Derrien-Guivarch, a 6th grade teacher in SAINT-MALO, Brittany France. Below, in Linda’s own words is why they nominated her teacher to be a Trucker Buddy Outstanding Teacher.Virginia and Stephanie

“Before joining Trucker Buddy Stéphanie Derrien-Guivarch met with the parents of her students because there was a lot of concern about the children being exposed to an American truck driver and she had to convince them to give the program a chance. Her efforts have paid off, as her students are very excited about giving reports in English and receiving the post cards and information that we send to them. The parents are also very pleased with the program.

Stephanie often shares how the students are doing and how their English has improved dramatically since becoming Trucker Buddies. When they receive a postcard from us one of the students gets to do a report about the postcard in English. She said before Trucker Buddy none of the students wanted to give a report in English and now they compete with each other to be able to give a report. Often I will email a copy of my Streets and Trips map showing where we have driven and the mileage. I also have sent over our fuel mileage and the price of fuel. Stephanie shares this with the math teacher who creates math problems for the students to work on. She has shared some of these math problems with me and they are difficult. I think these students are pretty brilliant.

Stephanie has sent over pictures of her classroom and the room is covered in postcards and other pictures that we have sent. She even has a very large American flag hanging on the walls. Every once in while she will send me a picture of one of her classes waving at us holding up posters. What I also like is her innovative ways to get students to learn about the United States and to learn English.

Once a year the kids will write us letters and ask questions about our life style and us. She times the arrival of these letters to when we will be home and then I reply by email to the numerous questions the students have asked. She has also sent us a sampling of the countries chocolates and other goodies.

I shared what all Stephanie was doing with her class and school with the CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, Virginia Albanese and she expressed an interest in visiting the school on her next trip to France. Stephanie was overjoyed and immediately started planning for Virginia too not only visit with her classes but to visit the entire school. The media was contacted and this became a huge event in their small town. In reality working with Stephanie and seeing how she is constantly looking for new and fun ideas to teach make me wish I had a teacher like her when I was in school.

Stephanie is not only a fantastic teacher she is constantly talking about the Trucker Buddy Program and not only what it has done for her class but also what it has done for the school. Last year Stephanie was interviewed by Landline Magazine on the air and everything she said could have been turned into a Trucker Buddy commercial on why other teachers and truck drivers should get involved.”

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Many of the students [in the Trucker Buddy program] struggle with academics. However, they work hard and achieve success because they are fascinated by the trucking industry.

~ Mrs. B.

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