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Mel Fox Named Outstanding Teacher

Bill McNamee is a long time Trucker Buddy and even served on the Board of Directors. He wanted to nominate Mel Fox as an Outstanding Teacher. Here is what Bill had to say about her.


“I am writing today to nominate my Teacher, Mrs. Mary "Mel" Fox, for the Trucker Buddy Outstanding Teacher Award I have been blessed to have her as my assigned teacher since 1997 It comes as no surprise that she would be considered one of the longest serving teachers in the program because she truly understands and promotes the program in her classroom.

I remember the day I received her introduction letter back in 1997 She introduced herself as a 44-year old teacher with a fourth grade who was looking through a magazine and saw mention of the Trucker Buddy program she didn't hesitate to sign up. I was newly enrolled and this was tobe my first class and never did I think I would be here 17 years later writing to you about this wonderful person who has become my friend and Trucker Buddy partner.

Over the years I have gone through changes both in family and employment which caused a few periods of absence from the program. Luckily I had some good folks step up and fill the void while Iwas off handling life but Mrs. Fox newer strayed from the program and kept it strong and active in her classroom. As luck would have it I returned to Tucker Buddy at the lime when she needed a driver again and I was able to resume with her class.

My employers always allowed me to participate and Mrs. Fox always made sure the kids had "Mister Bill s Trucker Buddy" T-shirts made each year for the kids to wear for our annual Trucker Buddy day. She also involves parents and most years there have been quite an excited bunch of parents at the visit. Occasionally the media appeared and even though I think the program is more about the kids Mrs. Fox made sure that I received quite a bit of attention which really made me feel like a hero. Our visits have been on the television news channels and we've been featured in magazines and newspapers. We've even been blessed to be treated as VIP's at the T/A truckstop, Kenworth dealership, and even the Wisconsin weigh station when we took the kids on field trips. None of this would have been possible without Mrs. Fox and her dedication to the program.

She goes above and beyond what I would consider participation. She opens up her classroom and basically allows me to “run the day” with whatever I plan to teach the students, but she does make sure it runs smoothly and on schedule because I tend to ramble on about trucking and luckily she keeps things in check.

When students and their parents actually compete with other families to be part of her classroom that tells me that not only do I think she is an outstanding teacher but so does the community she lives in.

It is absolutely my pleasure to nominate her for this award. She exemplifies everything about it.”

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“This program reaches way beyond a pen and paper,” said Fred Sweetwood, a long time Trucker Buddy and driver for over 40 years. “It paints the Rockies, the bitter cold of North Dakota and the devastation of Oklahoma City and Katrina. It brings America to the classroom through the eyes of a truck driver.”

~ Fred Sweetwood


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