Lohr Named Outstanding Teacher

Lee Lohr is a teacher at New Century School in Verona, Wisconsin and was nominated for Trucker Buddy Outstanding Teacher by his long time driver Jim Stinemates, a Walmart driver domiciled in West Burlington, Iowa.

In his nomination Mr. Stinemates told us about his teacher Mr. Lohr, “I would like to nominate teacher Lee Lohr at New Century School in Verona, Wisconsin for Trucker Buddy Outstanding Teacher. Mr. Lohr and I came together in the fall of 2008 and have been sharing his class room ever since. Mr. Lohr is a unique teacher in the fact that he loves the outdoors and wants his students to have an opportunity to experience the outdoors also. Before entering Mr. Lohr’s classroom you will see several pairs of chest waders hanging upside down in the hall waiting for the next class outing to the local creek. Mr. Lohr has also started an annual class canoe trip down a local stream, of course this kind of day trip takes a trip or two by Mr. Lohr and some parents prior to the actual outing making sure the stream is safe for the student’s day trip. They also have sledding as an activity and the school year isn’t complete without a trip to the Dairy Convention in Madison each year. Also each year there is a historical play put on by the students, which I do get to see during rehearsal when I visit each spring.

My contribution to the class is the weekly Trucker Buddy Jim Letter and in turn I receive a hand written letter from each student monthly. In my letters I tell of my travels in the Midwest delivering to the Walmart Stores and of course the loads picked up for delivery to our Walmart Distribution Centers. The students tell me what they want to share, I learn about their pets, siblings, parents, as well as what they have been doing in school. The students learn to hand write a letter, which as we all know is a lost art. I just heard on the radio this past week about a state where the lawmaker’s are considering a bill requiring cursive writing in school. The Trucker Buddy program provides an opportunity for students to use and improve their writing skills, as well as learning about the trucking industry.

My letters are about my home life, I think it is important for the students to learn that truck drivers have a different career than most folks, but we still have a home and family we go home to. I also want the kids to know we care about safety and why it is important to all of us. I teach them how to drive safely around trucks, in the hope they will share it with their families and maybe they will remember some of the information when they begin to drive.”


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“This program reaches way beyond a pen and paper,” said Fred Sweetwood, a long time Trucker Buddy and driver for over 40 years. “It paints the Rockies, the bitter cold of North Dakota and the devastation of Oklahoma City and Katrina. It brings America to the classroom through the eyes of a truck driver.”

~ Fred Sweetwood


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