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What are the Trucker Buddy office hours and contact information?

Our driver/teacher liaison office is open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am through 5:00 p.m.. Note that all times are CST and located in Alabama.

Anna Myers - 1-800-MYBUDDY - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Randy Schwartzenburg - 205-799-2733 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What materials can I send the class?

Talk to your teacher, find out what the kids are studying and when, and what would be appropriate. If the class is studying the Rocky Mountains, pick up a pamphlet from the National Park Service. Some send pictures and post cards.  Use your imagination!

Can I use the Trucker Buddy logo on my truck or on my website?

Yes, but remember the Trucker Buddy name and logo are copyrighted and cannot be used without the express written permission from Trucker Buddy International. For more information, contact Trucker Buddy headquarters by E-mail.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



I work with the Scouting programs and Boys and Girls Clubs. Can be matched with them?

Yes, you can be matched with Boy and Girl Scouts as well as Boy and Girls Clubs.  We want all students to be part of the program but would ask that you call us if you want an exception to this rule.

I have been contacted by a student beyond the scope of the program or a letter had some things in it that concerned me. What should I do?

If for any reason you are uncomfortable with any letter, contact your assigned teacher to discuss it or call the Trucker Buddy office. Sometimes students want to contact you individually and this strictly prohibited. This is a protection for the students and you too.

Once a driver is assigned to me what do I do next?

When the background check is completed we will send you an email with the contact information of the driver.  Contact the driver and discuss what your goals are and how the driver can help you. Have the students write a letter of introduction, describing the classroom, what subjects they are studying, and what questions about the driver they wish to ask. What type of truck does he/she drive? What types of loads does he/she haul?. What states have they visited? Get to know your driver and the pen-pal relationship will develop naturally. The students should write a letter at least once a month to their assigned driver.

Call or email us if you have any questions.

Can the driver visit the class with their truck?

Absolutely. If you wish to have your driver visit your classroom, you must obtain permission from your driver and his company (your driver will probably do this) and make arrangements according to your school's policy and Trucker Buddy Guidelines. Any face to face meetings between teacher, driver, and class, are the sole responsibility of the teacher, school district, and the driver. Trucker Buddy cannot, and does not, take responsibility for, and shall be held harmless from, the consequences of any such additional activities.

What if I don't hear from my driver?

Email or write a personal letter to the driver, then wait about a month for him/her to respond. Remember drivers are out on the road for many days out of the month, and their driving schedules may change. Trucker Buddy will assign you another driver if they don't respond.

Call or email us with any questions.

Do I have to renew each year?

Yes we ask all drivers and teachers to renew. This allows us to keep our records updated and let's us know that your match is working.  It's easy to do. Renew Here

Are there any dues or required fees for being in the program?

No. Trucker Buddy is funded through the generous contributions of our sponsors. If you would like to donate to Trucker Buddy CLICK HERE

This letter is to thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience. Trucker Don is the best pen pal we could have asked for. The children learned map skills, directions, can identify some of the states, and letter writing skills.


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