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Are students allowed to ride in the truck with the driver?

No. Students are not allowed to ride in the driver's truck unless they are family related. Almost all carriers prohibit strangers from riding in their trucks. All activities outside the writing of letters/emails including school visits and tours of the driver's without your express permission is prohibited. For safety reasons, truck trips are strictly prohibited.

What are the office hours for Trucker Buddy?

Our driver/teacher liaison office is open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am through 5:00 p.m.. Note that all times are CST time.

I'd like to have a driver of a specific religious/ethnic group. Is this an option?

Trucker Buddy does not determine the religious or ethnic background of any participant.

This letter is to thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience. Trucker Don is the best pen pal we could have asked for. The children learned map skills, directions, can identify some of the states, and letter writing skills.


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