Trucking Mentors International
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As a driver have you ever complained about how 4 wheelers operate
around your truck?

As a teacher or administrator are you concerned about why your students
have more accidents than the general population?

If so, then Trucking Mentors has a way for drivers and teachers to get involved so that lives are saved and young drivers become safer on our highways.

What is Trucking Mentors?

Automobiles and trucks share the road every day. Unfortunately,
automobile drivers often don't know how to maneuver around big
rig trucks or how to safely pass a truck. Fortunately, help is on the
way. Professional truck drivers who become Trucking Mentors are
teaching high school students how to safely share the road with large
trucks by bringing their trucks to school and showing youthful drivers
how to prevent accidents by avoiding common driving mistakes.

How was Trucking Mentors created?

Trucking Mentors is a program developed by Trucker Buddy International, a twenty year-old non-profit (501.c.3) that matches professional truck drivers with K-8th grade school classrooms. Trucker Buddies become pen pals with their classroom and the driver communicates with the students with post cards, letters and emails. This creates instant lesson plans for teachers and gives drivers a chance to be ambassadors for the trucking industry. Over the years Trucker Buddy has introduced more than one million students to the trucking industry. Trucker Buddy works best with long-haul truck drivers because their extensive travel provides so much material for interaction with their
classrooms. With the new Trucking Mentors Program, local, short haul, and regional drivers
can also become a positive influence in their communities by teaching safe driving techniques
to high school Drivers Ed students. Once or twice a year drivers share their unique experience
with high school students about how to safely share the road with big rig trucks. The driver and
the high school Drivers Ed instructor work together to plan the visit when the driver brings his
tractor and trailer to school. There is no charge for either the Trucking Mentor or the school.
The Trucking Mentors Program is totally supported by donations from companies and
individuals who are concerned about the safety of the motoring public. .

Why is Trucking Mentors important to the high school and the trucking industry?

Driving alongside a truck can be tricky and dangerous if you don't understand
the unique aspects of the relationship between an automobile and the big rig
truck. A fully loaded truck can weigh 80,000 pounds and trucks handle very
differently than cars while moving.  Due to the height of the truck and the size
of the trailer, blind spots can hide an automobile from the truck driver.

Education is key to prosperity and success, and the same is true for the
highway safety.  When students meet the professional driver behind the
wheel of a truck, respect develops for truck drivers and the trucking industry.
They come to understand that truck drivers are like their neighbors -- real
people with families, friends and hobbies, who want to excel in life.
Trucking Mentors tear down destructive stereotypes that are created by negative articles and television programs that erode the positive perception of truck drivers by the general public.  The Trucking Mentors Program puts a benevolent face behind the wheel of every truck on the road, and shows teens how they can drive safely around big rig trucks.  This saves lives and builds a positive image for the trucking industry.

How do you become a Trucking Mentor and help high school students?

Trucking Mentors must sign up and agree to the rules and regulations of the Program.  Go to “Sign Up and Renew”.  A criminal background check is performed on each participating driver.  Only current CDL holders qualify.

How do you get matched with a high school?

Matches take place in several ways.  Drivers can initiate the relationship by contacting their local high school Drivers Ed departments and ask if they would like to participate in the Trucking Mentors program.  Both the driver and a representative of the high school have to sign up.

Another way is by letting Trucking Mentors International find a school for the driver.  It is best if the school is located near the driver’s home or usual route so that he or she can bring the truck to school.  The driver also needs permission from both their carrier and school to make a visit.

Can I be a Trucking Mentor if I'm already a Trucker Buddy?

Yes, a driver can do both Trucking Mentors and Trucker Buddy. The driver will have to sign up separately to do both.