Trucker Buddy Frank Nathanson nominated his teacher Margit Smith to be Outstanding Teacher for May 2011.  She teaches a 5th grade class at Pierrepont Elementary School in Rutherford, NJ.

Frank talks about Margit Smith, “She uses the school website
and puts the lesson plan on it.  This includes what I’m doing,
and where I’m going and incorporates the Trucker Buddy
website to create ideas on how to teach her students.  She
supervises them to use the computer to write letters and I
get them which make the letters easy to read. I love to take
photographs while on the road and uses my pictures
which are on my own website in her lesson plans.  This
enhances the teaching and learning experience by using
the things I send her.

Mrs. Smith is very dedicated to the students and wants to be
the best teacher and strives to make her students the best so
when they graduate from her class they will be well prepared.
She is from Austria and learning the teaching procedures
here verses the way they teach there over there is a unique

Her students agree with Frank that she deserves to be named Teacher of the Month:

“Mrs. Smith should win the Teacher of the Month award because she prepares you for the 6th grade so well.  She is always looking for new books for us to read.”

“Mrs. Smith uses her Smart Board in our class as well has computers to help us prepare for the future.”

“She set up her own website called Homework Hero and puts lots of educational things on it for us to read.  It gives us extra skills.”

“We celebrate Pi Day.  It’s a day to have kids remember that Pi is 3.14x the diameter.  Our class brought in some pies to eat and they were yummy.”

“Mrs. Smith introduced us to “Books and Beyond” where we had to read at least 1,000 minutes.  When we finished we had an ice cream party.”  


















Margit Smith Named Outstanding Teacher



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