David and Janet Vinduska, drivers with Doug Bradley Trucking are thrilled  to nominate their teacher, Beth Conner of the Hillsday Elementary School in Kansas.  They discuss their teacher and why she should be the Outstanding Teacher.

“I know, I know! Everyone thinks that their Trucker Buddy
Teacher is the BEST, but Mrs Beth Conner who teaches
5th grade at Hillsdale Elementary School, Hillsdale, Kansas
goes beyond the call of duty. She has been our trucker
buddy teacher for over 10 years and is the absolute best
of the teachers! Dave and I are really lucky to have her.

Mrs. Conner continues to be involved in the Trucker Buddy
Program today even after she nominated us for Trucker
Buddies of the Month in which we received the award in
Louisville, Ky in 2008 at the Mid America Trucking Show.
Mrs. Conner along with their husband and granddaughter
accompanied the Vinduskas to the award ceremony to
accept the Trucker Buddy of the Month award!    Dave and
I think Mrs. Conner should be on the other end of the Trucker
Buddy Awards and she should receive the Teacher of the Month Award!”

Mrs. Conner presents the trucker buddy program to the class and they respond with questions. The Vinduskas are overwhelmed by the amount of time she spends with her class discussing their trucker buddies.  This includes hanging up all the post cards across the top of the chalk board and helping the students answer the questions they send to the class on a postcard or in the monthly newsletter they send. She conveys the truly important job that a trucker does for the USA

Beth Conner is a superb artist and draws pictures to keep her Trucker Buddies up to date on what is going on in the class.  When Dave and Janet visit the class they are acknowledged with huge signs saying "Welcome, Dave and Janet to Hillsdale Elementary School",   The visit gives them an opportunity to share with the class about what they haul, where they go plus it allows them to answer all the student’s questions.

“Dave and I pose mathematical, geographical, historical and thought provoking questions and topics that are eagerly enjoyed and answered.  Our time is spent in their class talking about the trucking industry, safety, log books, weight and products we haul or have hauled, where we go plus each of them has a question for us to answer in return. Then as we pull out of the school parking lot, there is the class with Mrs. Conner waving and wanting us to honk the semi horn which is an event everyone will remember. What an amazing person and one of a kind teacher "Mrs Conner" signifies as she continues her Trucker Buddy Crusade and we would like to thank her for all she does for us.”















Beth Conner Named Outstanding Teacher



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