Bob Longmeier, a driver for Walmart, nominated his teacher Natalee Schmidt, a third grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska for the Teacher of the Month honor.  Bob wrote. “As a participant in the Trucker Buddy Program for many years, I have had the privilege of corresponding with Mrs. Schmidt's third grade class in
Scottsbluff, Nebraska. for the past 5 years. Mrs. Natalee Schmidt
is a wonderful caring person who inspires each and every child
to rise to their fullest academic potential.”

Mrs. Schmidt’s classroom walls are decorated with pictures,
charts and maps and things to make learning fun and exciting.
Each spring she brings in her poultry egg incubator. The children
see first-hand and experience the thrill of the hatching of baby
ducks. “Mrs. Schmidt has one portion of the room reserved
exclusively for my cards and letters and other correspondence.
I am proud to say that she makes the Trucker Buddy program a
large part of the students' over-all learning experience. I receive
a packet of letters from each student, not monthly, not bi-monthly
, but each and every week!  Each school year I see vast
improvement in their letter writing and their thought process as the year progresses.”

There are many wonderful teachers in the Trucker Buddy" program, worthy of recognition and Bob is nominating Mrs. Schmidt for the honor of Teacher of the Month' because she stands out among the very best.

Bob further says, “Thank you (Trucker Buddy staff) for all you do in causing the Trucker Buddy' program to continue. I believe it's good for the young people and it's good for America.”












Natalee Schmidt Named Outstanding Teacher



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