The first award for Teacher of the Month is presented to first grade teacher Crystal Estrella of Rio Vila Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona as nominated by her Trucker Buddy Lynn Rhoades, a Walmart driver.  In addition to winning the Teacher of the Month for Trucker Buddy, she won the Rodel Exemplary Teacher Award in December 2010.  Lynn and Crystal are a mother/daughter Trucker Buddy team for 5 years with Lynn doing the driving and Crystal handling the teaching.

Lynn explains how they got started, “The first year she asked
me to do Flat Stanley I did not belong to Trucker Buddy International
so I  took Flat Stanley and put him in a clear backpack and he
traveled all over the US with me and several of my fellow drivers.
When I did a class visit with the truck, I was hooked. Later I found out
she and I were a "natural match" and we joined Trucker Buddy.
Crystal has a board in her classroom with information, pictures, and
postcards that I have sent the class. There are a couple of company
collector trucks, books and other memorabilia. I don't travel far
anymore, Walmart has a bear program where the bear travels all
over the US and collects information and stories in the journal from
 everywhere he/she goes. I really enjoy visiting the class and talking
about my truck, transportation, safety, geography, history, animals, and the company I work for. This is a great learning tool for the kids, it offers the opportunity for the students to see that trucks are necessary for our way of life, and truckers are not what the news makes them out to be. Crystal has shared her class with me, for this I am truly grateful.”

She stated that, “Teaching is all about the kids, our future, Americas future, the world’s future. We deserve the best! Crystal is a great teacher and tells me she is "nothing special," and that everybody on her team is as good a she is. I have to admit I am impressed with her school in that they go above and beyond for the students.”

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Crystal Estrella Is Awarded the First Outstanding Teacher Award



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