Matt Slovack, who drives for Smith Transport, is a seasoned Trucker Buddy of many years and wanted to nominate his teacher, Linda Ford to be the Teacher of the Month for February. They have been a Trucker Buddy team for over 6 years.  Ms. Ford teaches a 4th grade class at Lincoln-Irvin Elementary School in Moline, IL and uses the post cards that Matt Slovack sends in her class in her lesson plans.  “She uses my cards to educate her class and I get to see how effective they are when I visit the students.  Ms. Ford
and I have been working the program for over 6 years
and have developed a true respect for each other. 
I feel the program makes my time with her class more
productive and makes me a better driver.” Mr. Slovack.

Ms. Ford encourages her students to send Matt letters
filled with questions about what he is doing and where
he is located and that gives him a chance to teach the
students about the many things including the trucking industry.  An important part of the program are the letters that the students send to their Trucker Buddy because they are able to practice their hand writing skills and learn about the country we all live in.  In exchange, he gets wonderful letters back from the students and it encourages him while on the road.

Mr. Slovack understands that the Trucker Buddy program is only as good as the teachers that are involved so it’s important to have great teachers and to have them recognized for their hard work.  That is why he proudly nominated his teacher, Linda Ford to be the Outstanding Teacher.











Linda Ford Named Outstanding Teacher



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