Angie Banning, a teacher with Longmont Estates Elementary in Colorado and Steen Gronlund who drives for Mile High Foods, have been Teacher and Trucker Buddy for more than 10 years.  They started because Steen wanted her to take
the class because he had a friend whose child was in
elementary school.  He wanted the young student to see
what the trucking industry was all about.  After the first
year, he wanted to continue the program with Mrs. Banning.

Steen Gronlund talks about Mrs. Banning, “I see the kids
several times during the year. I took Angie and the kids to
the National Western Stock Show in Denver many years
ago and she was so excited about it that she went back to
the school and told everybody about it so now it has
become an annual event and all of the 4th grade classes
go, which is 4 class rooms, we are required to have an
adult with every 4 kids so it averages 100 kids and 25 adults in 2 school buses. The National Western Stock Show grants us free admission to the grounds.

At the end of the school year when I bring my truck to the school Angie brings the kids out and they all get in the truck learn about how a truck runs.  After touring the truck, we all have hamburgers and fries from McDonalds, then we follow that with pictures, every child receives a picture of the truck with the entire class.”

On May 26, 2006 Steen became a citizen of the United States and Mrs. Banning had every child write a little poem about becoming a citizen.  The lines in the poem were red, white and blue. She also helped the students make a quilt for Steen as each child made a square and Mrs. Banning sewed it all together.

Angie and her husband Bob attended the Colorado Motor Carriers Association awards banquet where Steen received driver of the month for July 2001, when he received the award the CMCA also told everyone about Angie being his Trucker Buddy Teacher and she was recognized at the banquet. 

Steen and his Safety Manager from Mile High are planning a trip to visit the school and have decided to treat them to hamburgers but this time it’ll be a cookout! Of course they will have to go through a guided tour of his truck and listen to a safety message that Trucker Buddies give to classrooms across the country.

















Angie Banning Named Teacher of the Month for April 2011



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