Outstanding Teacher Nomination Form
The Outstanding Teacher Awards is the newest way that Trucker Buddy is recognizing it's top teachers. Teachers are one of our most important assets along with the drivers and students. Without great teachers our program wouldn't be as influencial as it is so we are excited to begin the Outstanding Teacher Award to show the world what a great job our teachers do.

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Outstanding Teacher Awards

Qualifications of the Teacher

  1. Teacher must be nominated by their Trucker Buddy.
  2. Teacher must exhibit a passion and dedication to Trucker Buddy.
  3. Teacher must exhibit some specific ways they teach using Trucker Buddy.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Drivers will email or send via snail mail nominations for their teacher.
  2. Drivers must convince Trucker Buddy that their teacher is worthy of the award via letters and photos and other supporting materials.
  3. Trucker Buddy will select the most compelling nominations as they arrive.
  4. The teacher and driver will be notified.

Promotion and Communication

  1. Winners will be announced with a press release to the industry.
  2. Winners will be notified via email and phone.
  3. Winners with pictures will be placed on the TBI website with information provided by the driver and others.
  4. Winners will be listed in the Trucker Buddy eMagazines as well as other publications.


  1. Each teacher will receive a plaque recognizing their award.
  2. Each teacher will receive a box of Frito-Lay products to share with their students.
  3. Teacher will receive a Trucker Buddy Gift Box filled with Trucker Buddy items.