Trucker Buddy of the Month News

Trucker Buddy held a press conference at the 2012 Mid America to honor the 12 Trucker Buddies of the Month last March in Louisville, KY. Six of the 12 honorees were able to attend the event which included food sponsored by PeopleNet Communications. Plaques are presented by K.C. Brau (Crete Driver), President of Trucker Buddy International and Randy Schwartzenburg, Executive Director.

Two teachers came to support their Trucker Buddies along with family members and school personnel. Chassidy Vissering and Laura Schmidt traveled to the show and expressed their appreciation for everything their Trucker Buddies does for them,

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Duanne Donner and Laura Schmidt
Russ James
Mark Silva
Joe Rich
Tom Byl
Susan and Henry Gantner
Gantner's and Ms. Vissering
Honoree Group
Duane Donner

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