Tom Byl Awarded Trucker Buddy of the Month of September 2011

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

The fifth grade class of Good Shepherd Catholic School in Santa Cruz nominates Tom Byl a driver for Walmart Transportation for the honor of Trucker Buddy Driver of the Month.
The class teacher, Ms. Cathie Gabrio said, “Mr. Byl has sent the class
beautiful postcards from California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and
Oregon. On the postcards, he has shared his adventures and
activities during the months of September 2010 through May 2011.
In addition to the cities he has visited, Mr. Byl has shared the
wildlife and scenic beauty of the territory.

Along with the postcards, Mr. Byl has taken the time to write semi-
monthly 3-5 page letters to the class. He answers individual
questions, often directing them to the student asking. The
students are always thrilled when Mr. Byl addresses them by
name in his letter. Mr. Byl has shared with the class stories about
his family, his home, and his hobbies.”

The class has been amazed with the distance Mr. Byl travels each
week! They have calculated how many miles he drives in a week,
month, and year and how much it costs to fill the truck up with fuel.
They have enjoyed hearing about his truck and look forward to
seeing it on his visit to school.

“Friday is our Trucker Buddy day. It usually begins with me
sharing the letter and postcard(s) received. Students pass the
postcard around while the teacher reads the letter aloud.
Students then take the time to write to Mr. Byl about what they
have been doing and Mr. Byl responds with sensitivity and care.
Mr. Byl is an important part of our Fifth Grade experience this
year and the class and I feel he should be honored with the
Trucker Buddy Driver of the Month Award. ”

Some students sent letters to express the reasons why
Tom Byl should be selected:

“Mr. Byl sends us long letters. These letters are in detail. He answers our questions. When we read his letters we understand what he is saying.  We are so thankful we sent him some decorative cards.”

“Mr. Byl loves his job.  He has been working for Walmart for a long time.  He loves many of his friends he has made and is always prepared to work and is great at his job.”

“Mr. Byl is a wonderful guy with a wacky personality.  His moustache is super cool.  He travels a lot and every time he goes somewhere he sends us a post card or letter.  He has become a friend.”
“He always starts his letters with “Hi Kiddos!”  I like that. Whenever he writes he goes into details and the letters can be three pages long which means he puts a lot of thought into them.
“Mr. Byl is so generous that he answers many of our questions and always has the patience to answer in such a way that we can understand.  He tells us about the places he’s been and the things he’s seen.”

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