Larry Huguenard Awarded Truck Buddy of the Month for October 2012

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Trucker Buddy of the Month


Mr. Cory Hyslop, a fifth grade teachers at Oakdale Elementary in Rock Hill, South Carolina and his class has nominated Larry Hugenard to be the Trucker Buddy of the Month.  They have been working together for the last two years. 

Last year Larry Huguenard has mailed more than17 postcards
while driving across the country and this school-year he has sent
as many as 7 postcards over the first 3 months of school. The
classroom writes letters to Hugenard each week.  Once a month
he takes time to respond to all the student’s questions and each
student gets their questions answered.  Huguenard was able to
stop by the school twice last year, purchased t-shirts for all the
students through donations he received which were a big hit. 

“My students have excelled by learning to write correct sentences
and using proper punctuation.  I had a lot of problems with
fragments last year and this year.  A lot of students would write
run-on sentences or an entire paragraph without punctuation. 
From last year's group, 88% passed the state standardized test
for writing.  It was projected that only 42% would pass.  I was
very excited about my student's writing for last year's group”
says Mr. Hyslop.

Mr. Hyslop continues, “My students this year have learned to
write a 3 paragraph friendly letter with appropriate headings. 
Students this year have also learned how write a using correct
punctuation.  I am very proud to have my students write each
week to Trucker Larry.  Larry really cares about his students
and I am very proud to have Larry as a Trucker Buddy!”

Students support Huguenard’s Nomination.

"Trucker Larry is fun to write to and I enjoy his responses to
my questions.  I really like how he talks about traveling across
the USA and sending us postcards."

"Trucker Larry is fun to write to.  I would like to travel all over the
U.S. and this is something I would like to do one day.  I am a dog
lover and he shares his adventures of Minnie Pearl (his pit bull)
who travels with him.'

"Trucker Larry is hilarious and it is really cool to hear about his travels in other states.  You can really tell he cares about us when he answers his questions in details.  His letters each week are normally 3, 4, or 5 pages.  You can tell he cares about us."













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