Susan and Henry Gantner Awarded Truck Buddy of the Month for November 2011

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Chassidy Vessering and her 2nd grade class at Pewitt Elementary are nominating Susan Gantner, an owner/independent driver for Roadrunner, for the award of Trucker Buddy of the month . Mrs. Gantner and her husband Henry, drive as a team, communicate
with our class at least weekly.

Ms. Vessering described how they communicate. “Mrs. Gantner
sends emails at least once per week describing their life and
procedures on the road, answering our questions about truck
driving, telling us more about them, or relating experiences from
their leisure time. The class has learned so much about how
trucking works, such as: log books, weight checks, fuel cost and
mileage, what a manifest is, and how the truck can weigh
differently according to the load. During their personal vacation
to Switzerland, Sue and Henry email photos and related stories
of the country's history. One particular story that was very
interesting was about how they still herd the cows into the
mountain during the spring and a young man lives up there
with them until they come down in the fall. We found it amazing
that cows get so attached to their bells, that if they lose them,
they quit supplying milk! They also sent back artifacts and
souvenirs for our class' prize box.”

During one of their drives to California, which they do twice
per week, they plotted their trip using the Trucker Buddy
Smart Phone app, uFollowit,
so that Ms. Vessering’s class
could view their route on the map. They stopped at the Pacific
Ocean, and collected ocean water, sea shells, and many other
ocean creatures to bring back to the class. While they were
there, they snapped many photos and uploaded them onto
the Trucker Buddy uFollowit app so that the class could match
up the map with the real-life view.

Ms. Vessering continues, “As a Christmas surprise, Ms. Sue and Mr. Henry went the extra mile and drove their big rig to our school. We began the visit with a question and answer session in the classroom where the Gantners doted on and make connections with each child. We ate cookies that Mrs. Gantner baked for us while sipping hot chocolate. After the questions were answered, we headed out for a tour of the 18 wheeler. Each student was allowed to climb inside the cab to tour the living and driving area and to sit in the driver's seat for a photo. The students were amazed! They didn't even know about the biggest surprise. In the trailer, Mr. and Mrs. Gantner had put together a goodie bag for each student (along with donations from Roadrunner, Speedco, and Flying J Truck Stop). Each student was helped up a ladder and into the trailer to search for their bag of treats.”

Sue is an amazing artist. She draws pictures of characters on her iPad, and sends them to the class. Once she sent the class a picture of a lion who she named Roary. She gave the students details about where he lives, what his favorite food is, and his best friend. The students were then able to write stories to share with her and Henry about Roary!

“I am so happy to be a part of this great program, and to be matched to such awesome trucker buddies! Mr. and Mrs. Gantner truly are the best. They are dedicated to doing the best at their job and to enriching our learning. We have been provided so many more opportunities from this experience that I could've ever imagined. I hope to continue this relationship for many years and many classes to come.”



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