Chris Sawyer wins the November 2010 Trucker Buddy of Month.



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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Chris Sawyer, a driver for Old Dominion Freight Line has been with Ms. Arlene Jacek, a 6th grade teacher at Our Mother of Sorrows School located in Rochester, NY for 5 years.  Like many Trucker Buddies, Chris has developed a professional relationship with Ms.
Jacek and followed her when she was reassigned to
different schools. He faithfully sends newsletters about the
states he travels through along with pictures and videos
that highlight the most important aspect of each state, He
responds back to the class letters quickly and

     “He has sent magnetized states that can be manipulated
by my classes and postcards that I post around the room.
Over the years, Chris has sent Trucker Buddy items that I
have raffled off.  What is unique in our letters that we write
to Chris is that he has asked each of his correspondents
to create a CB Handle to use in their letters. The children|
come up with some very interesting handles that
coordinate with their interests as a signature to their
letters.  I strongly believe that Chris deserves recognition
for the wonderful job, and the length of time he has spent
as my Trucker Buddy” says Ms. Jacek.

     She also stated that the parents love the Trucker Buddy
program. The positive feedback she has received from them
over the years is very supportive. She was excited to bring
the Trucker Buddy program to each school she worked with
and is the only teacher to offer this wonderful experience to
the children. She plans on being Chris's "Trucker Buddy" for
as long as she continues to teach.

Some comments from students include.

I would like to nominate Chris Sawyer for Trucker Buddy Driver of the month. He is very good writer, and his letters are always interesting.  He also sends some extra things, like pictures on Google Picassa™ and sometimes videos. Our class really enjoys his letters, and also our writing letters and sending them to him. That is why I think he should receive this achievement. Please consider Chris for this honor.

I would like to nominate Chris Sawyer for Trucker Buddy of The Month. I would like to nominate Chris because he has wonderful qualities that should be recognized. Some of those qualities include keeping in touch with our class, filling us in on where he's gone, what he's seen, and most of all, history of each place he travels through. I love writing to Chris because he reads each personal letter and writes back, answering questions and sharing some of his similar experiences.

I would like to nominate Chris Sawyer for Trucker Buddy Driver of the month. I would like to because, he has been my teacher, Ms. Jacek's Trucker Buddy for five years and has done a great job! All the students in my class have written him a note. He sends a note to all of us saying the same thing, answering all of the questions, but then he writes an individual paragraph to every person. In addition, he is always sending video's and pictures! We all enjoy seeing everything! I think this is really nice of Chris to take the time to do all of this!

I would like to nominate Chris Sawyer for Trucker Buddy Driver of the Month. He would make a great nominee because he asks our class to make CB handles of our own. Chris even uses his own CB handle when he writes to us. Also, he sends our class fun videos and postcards about the places he visits. He takes the time to write back to everyone in my class, and answers all of the questions we ask him.


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