Dave Anderson Awarded Trucker Buddy of the Month for May 2011

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Dave Anderson, a driver for Crete Carriers is the Trucker Buddy
for Mrs. Jenny Gubbels’ Woodland Park Elementary third grade
class located in Norfolk, Nebraska.

“Although I have participated in Trucker Buddy in the past, this
was a new match. Mr. Anderson is from the same town as our
school, so we were fortunate to have him visit as well as show us
the world through a trucker's eyes. Maybe I should change that
to a trucker's hand. Mr. Anderson sent us letters frequently. By
this I mean that there was an average of two or three letters a
week, and they were very detailed. We did not need a read-aloud
book. Our world came alive through his vigilant correspondence.
His letters were written with lessons for the children and words of
wisdom about their lives. The children looked forward to each
and every letter, and so did I. Mr. Anderson even brought his
son to visit us. He is in the military and has flown and been to
our current war zones.” said Mrs. Gubbels.

Mrs. Gubbles feels her class has really be enriched by being
in the Trucker Buddy program and having Trucker Buddy Dave. 
He faithfully sends letters on where he is and what he is doing
and she saves all of them because they are well worth reading
over and over again. She even shares them with her principal,
secretary, and other adults in the building who enjoy reading
them too.

Mrs. Gubbels says “Mr. David Anderson was a superb role
model and truly dedicated to our students and your Trucker
Buddy program.”

One of Mrs. Gubbels’ students wrote this, “Thank you for being
our Trucker Buddy.  I love having you as our Trucker Buddy. 
I love your truck and think it is cool.  Thanks again for being our
Trucker Buddy.  Signed: Your #1 fan.”











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