Gilbert Awarded Truck Buddy of the Month for March 2012

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Steve Gilbert, a driver for Walmart has been nominated Trucker Buddy of the Month by Mrs. Poulos, teacher at Fallbrook Street School.  Her class has a multiage class including kindergarten through 3rd grade.

“Mr. Gilbert is one of a kind,” says Mrs. Poulos.  “We think he is a
wonderful Trucker Buddy  and am excellent role model.”  He
advocates to the students to be good students and also work

“Every year he makes it a priority to drive out to California to see
us,” remarks Mrs. Poulos.  He has driven out to see the class, not
only in his truck but he has also come with his wife on his
motorcycle.  This year he drove his truck and the students were
able to climb up and look inside the cab.  “Wow.  It was amazing,” remarks Mrs. Poulos.  When he comes to see the class he also tells them about what he does for a living and a little about his truck.  The class even has a small version of his truck on display
in their classroom that Mr. Gilbert has given them.  “What a
special treat it is to have,” says Mrs. Poulos.

Mr. Gilbert sent each student a map of the United States so they
can keep track of his travels.  While he is driving he will send the
students post cards from every city.  The students have fun while
learning map skills while they locate each and every place he
has been.  “They are having fun learning the states and the facts
about the states from his post cards.”  The students also use the
pencil pouches and writing supplies that he has sent them.  He
has also sent the students Trucker Buddy lunch boxes.  “It is so
much fun to see all the lunch boxes at our lunch tables during lunch.”

“The Trucker Buddy program has been absolutely wonderful for
our class. Mr. Gilbert is one of a kind.  We think he is a wonderful
Trucker Buddy and excellent role model.  We cannot say enough
about him and the excitement he has brought to our class.  He truly deserves this award.”

Some comments from students below:

“I gotta say that Mr. Gilbert is a magnificent trucker buddy.  He let us get in his Walmart truck and gives us pencils, rulers and sharpeners.”

“Mr. Gilbert is a fantastic trucker buddy!  He gives us post cards from every state he goes and he visits us every year!  He also tells us to work hard and be good.”

“Mr. Gilbert is a wonderful trucker buddy.  I wish Mr. Gilbert was the trucker buddy of the year!”







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