Craig Dickason Awarded Trucker Buddy of the Month for July 2011

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T r u c k e r B u d d y I n t e r n a t i o n a l
3200 Rice Mine Rd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
Direct: 205-248-1261
Trucker Buddy of the Month

Craig Dickason’s teacher Laura Conway is a fourth grade teacher from Las Vegas, Nevada.  She and Craig have been working the program since 2002 and have developed a professional relationship that encourages her students to excel in her class. 
Mrs. Conway states, “I just want to thank you for setting our class
up with Mr. Dickason.  He has communicated regularly, sending
pictures and post cards.  The students are so excited when I
share new communications from him.  The Trucker Buddy
program is a real asset in my classroom.”

When Craig takes a class visit to the school he demonstrates
the utmost of professionalism and courtesy.  He brings gifts,
tells stories and allowed the students to see inside his truck
while giving them safety lessons on such areas as blind spots,
seat belts and stopping distances. Craig believes that to develop
a trusting relationship with the classroom you must be professional
but enjoy listening to them too.

Craig is a driver for Primex Plastics and is a long time Trucker
Buddy Ambassador.  Ambassadors are experienced Trucker
Buddies who help give advice to the program and also help
work trade shows across the country.  They are essential to
helping the program grow and get better. 

Some students wrote letters to support their Trucker Buddy:

“It was nice of you to give us Mr. Dickason as our Trucker Buddy
and letting him come to our school.  I had fun looking inside his
truck and learning about trucks.”

I am so glad Mr. Dickason brought his truck to the school and was
finally able to meet him. It was fun seeing a truck that a real trucker drives. 
It was a pleasure having him here and it’s super cool to see his truck.”

All I want to say is “Thank You” for setting up the program and for assigning Mr. Dickason to our class and letting him write letters to our class and bringing his truck.  It was a really cool experience.”                    












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