Linda and Richard Thomas win the July 2010 Trucker Buddy of the Month.



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Trucker Buddy of the Month

“Study hard, learn lots, have fun!" is the closing on each postcard or letter that Janet Miller of Emma Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina receives from Linda and Richard Thomas her class’ Trucker Buddies. Ms. Miller explains, ”Over the two years that I've had Linda and Richard for Trucker Buddies, they have been great role models for my students.
They have educated my students about life on the road. They have
also shown an interest in my students' education. In my class, they
have easily earned the title of "Trucker Buddy of the Month."

This will be the 3rd year for Linda and Richard are drivers to be
involved in the Trucker Buddy program and they have loved every
moment.  All their children are grown up so the class has become
a second family to them since many of the students come from
single-family homes.  They like to encourage the kids to do well in
school and send letters, post cards and inexpensive but educational
gifts. Many of the gifts are items from the road or their hometown
in New Mexico.  Once they sent stuffed peppers and those were
a big hit.  Another time they sent cactus seeds and asked each
student to figure out what they were.  It became a learning
experience for students they will never forget.

Her students agree with Ms. Miller when it comes to their Trucker
Buddies.  Every student in the class wrote letters to help Linda and
Richard win the Trucker Buddy of the Month title. 

Some comments from the students are:

“The care about how we are doing.  They teach us things like when
they send post cards they have facts about the state or city.  They care about their job and they love us.”

“They send us post cards every Tuesday.  When they come to visit they always have good manners.  One time they sent us coloring packets filled with stuff they have been.”

“Linda and Richard are nice people.  They gave us stuffed peppers with their names on them.  They gave us little trolls with colored hair and care about how we are doing in school.”

The Thomas’ are company drivers for Interstate Distributors.








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