Costa Awarded Truck Buddy of the Month for February 2012

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Robert Costa has been nominated for Trucker Buddy Driver of the Month by Mrs. Leslie Wolf, his Trucker Buddy partner for over a decade.  Mrs. Wolf is a 3rd grade teacher at Robert L. Forbuss Elementary School.  “Trucker Robert” as Mrs. Wolf and her class refer to him shouldn’t just be Driver of the Month; they think he should be Driver of the Year!!  One of the students in the class wrote that he deserves this award because “he is a hard worker at his job.”  Costa finds the time to
show these students that you can still do a good job and have a little fun along the way.

He sends postcard and letter to the students that correlate with
their curriculum.  If the class is learning about Native Americans,
then he will find postcards with different tribes from across the
country.  When the class was learning about different animals, he
sent postcards with the state animals and birds on them. 

The students send him letters and he takes the time to respond
to each and every student individually.  One of the students says,
“I would like to nominate him for Driver of the Month because he
puts so much time to write back all out letters.”  He will even ask
the students questions in response to their letters, demonstrating
that he really does read their letters.  “The children love receiving
his letters and can hardly wait for his next email to arrive,”
exclaims Mrs. Wolf.

Costa has also won several driving awards and continues to
demonstrate safe driving habits for the students.

 “Trucker Robert has proven time and time again to be an
outstanding role model and caring individual.  In his spare time
he has rescued and delivered abandoned dogs to new homes.
He has also adopted 2 kittens he found and bottle fed them in
the truck until they ready for solid food.. Thelma and Louise have
been his constant companions for the last 7 years. The class
loves getting emails with pictures of them on their adventures.

Not only does he send the students letters and postcards but he also sends them T-shirts, toy trucks, pen sets and stuffed animals giving the students a personal connection with their Trucker Buddy.  One student wrote that he should be Driver of the Month because “he gave my class cool things.”  “He has even donated funds to out Donors Choose grant projects, all out of the goodness of his heart, and pocketbook,” says Mrs. Wolf.






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