Jim Buwalda Becomes the Trucker Buddy of the Month for February 2011

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T r u c k e r B u d d y I n t e r n a t i o n a l
3200 Rice Mine Rd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
Direct: 205-248-1261
Trucker Buddy of the Month

“Jim has been VERY generous with my students.  He sends postcards, letters, boxes of holiday treats, and money for my students.  I know that he spends BIG bucks on my students every year, and he always wants to know what else he can do for my class.  He sends educational materials; (digital camera, case, photo printer, atlas, pencils, chalk boards, tooth brushes, McDonalds gift cards, and $10.00 per student every Christmas) etc. as well as
lots of fun things for the kids; (stickers, toys, books, hats, gloves,
toys, candy, etc.) The kids get very excited when they see that
we have a box from our Trucker Buddy,” says Angela Milks, a
John Brown Elementary School teacher in Rathdrum, Idaho. 
Jim Buwalda lives in Mountain Home, Idaho, a driver for Team
One,  has been a Trucker Buddy for over 16 years and made a
lasting impression on the students as well as his teacher.  Jim
and his team driver/wife Linda Lou have become personal
friends with Ms. Milks.  Not only do they send cards, letters and
gifts to the class but they take time to talk to the class on the
phone from time to time.  This really encourages the students
as well as Ms. Milks too.

Ms. Milks went on to say, “Through Jim and the Trucker buddy
program, my students have learned valuable life skills; letter
writing, handwriting, spelling, and the importance of each,
reading, math (when they get to go to the store and spend the
money sent to them from Jim and Linda, addition, map skills). 
They have learned social skills, turn taking when Jim and Linda
come to visit, phone skills how to have a conversation, how to dial
a number, how to give back and say “Thank You” when someone
gives you something.

I cannot express in words how much Jim and Linda mean to me
personally, professionally and to my students.  They are so very
generous, caring and loyal.  My students have benefitted from
the Trucker Buddy program and the Buwalda’s.  I feel very blessed
for them.  I feel that they deserve to be the Trucker Buddy of the month.
This is something that I should have done long ago.”





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