Steve Dyer Named December 2010 Trucker Buddy of Month.



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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Dwight Creech, Principal of Carr Creek Elementary, commended Steve Dyer, employeed by Mercer Transportation on his effort in the Trucker Buddy Program.  He has been a major source of information and a good role model for the students at Carr Creek Elementary. He has sent them many pictures, e-mails and photos from all over the country. He has made geography a real life
subject. “He is a hero to our students, and has given of
himself and his time freely. I cannot imagine what else he
could do to make the Trucker Buddy Program more beneficial.”     

The faculty at Carr Creek believes that Steve has played
an active role in the curriculum at Carr Creek Elementary.
He has opened up the United States for the students even
visiting our school. In addition, he has both sent and
brought items to our students from the various states he
has visited. “He has made geography come alive in our
school” said Tammy Jacobs Computer Lab Instructor

Ms. Susan Amburgey tells about Steve’s class visit. 
“From 8 am to 11:30, Mr. Dyer met with all of students in
grade 4 through 8 to discuss his travels, his job and his
views on how education pays an important role in the
trucking industry.  He explained how he has to use math
skills to do his logbook and calculate his miles, mpg and
his trip pay and English/Grammar and communication
skills are used to contact the shippers and places of deliveries.
Geography skills are needed to navigate to locations when his
GPS decides to take him to a cornfield. Needless to say the
children loved that story.”

“Mr. Steve Dyer, Carr Creek Elementary School’s Trucker Buddy deserves to be ‘Trucker Buddy of the Month” because he has given HOPE to children that have been told at an early age that there is no hope since they live in one of the poorest regions of America.  He has taught them that there is someone out there that cares about them and for those children that enter my classroom that have those “stories” that breaks your heart and causes you to tear up just thinking about how hard their lives are, and they, too often, cry on your shoulder about how they just want to be loved and need someone in their young lives that cares about them and they NEED that special someone to look up to. They finally found that someone in our Trucker Buddy, Steve Dyer.”

Some of the student's comments to Steve,

We can’t wait to see you again.  Your truck is so cool. Where are you traveling to today?
You are awesome!  Hope you are having fun and not getting stuck in the snow.  I hope to be a Trucker Buddy some day, too!

Across the land you travel each day.
And pick up stuff for us along the way.
Cotton, dirt, and tumbleweed,
Across the U.S. with our flying pig.
You travel for in your big rig.
But you don’t forget us here at school
For we think you are so cool.
Thanks Trucker Buddy you are our friend
we will never forget you
Love you – The End.



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