Joseph Rich Awarded Trucker Buddy of the Month of August 2011

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Donna O’Connell, a 5th grade teacher at Wadding River Elementary School in Wading River, New York, explains why she nominated Joe Rich. “I’m nominating, Mr. Joseph Rich, for Trucker Buddy of the Month. Mr. Rich has been extremely thoughtful, generous and
kind to each and every one of my students. At least once a month
he individually writes to each child in my class. My students enjoy
receiving the "class envelope" filled with letters. Every one waits
patiently for his/her letter to be passed out.

Mr. Joe sends weekly traveling reports, where we track him on a
United States map. We calculate the distance and time he travels.
My class has learned so much in geography and math with the
help of Mr. Joe and the Trucker Buddy Program.”

Joe, a driver for Wayne Dalton Transportation, took some time
out from his busy schedule this year to make a class visit. The
students were so excited to finally meet him and Joe gave a
speech about truck safety to each fifth-grade class and even
allowed the students to climb aboard and take a look inside
the truck's cabin. They were surprised to see a bed, refrigerator
and even a TV. Mrs. O’Connell and her class are extremely
grateful for the thoughtfulness Joe demonstrates to the class.
He traveled all the way from Canton, Ohio just to meet my class
and they were very impressed. Something they never expected
to happen.

“I have been involved in the Trucker Buddy Program for three
years now. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Joe for
these three years and look forward to a fourth. Because of his
kind and thoughtful ways, I recommend that Mr. Joseph Rich be
chosen as your next Trucker Buddy of the Month” says Mrs.

Some students wrote to express their appreciation for their “Mr. Joe.”

“I would like to recommend Mr. Joe for the Trucker Buddy of the Month because he sends us gifts and answers all our questions.  He always writes us back too.  I think he would make a perfect winner.”

“I would like to recommend Mr. Joe as the Trucker Buddy of the Month.  He is very kind in his letters that he sends us and he is very cool.”

“Mr. Joe is very nice and he writes to everyone in the class and gives us gifts for no reason at all.  I think Mr. Joe is the best Trucker Buddy and should be the Trucker Buddy of the Month.”

“I would like to recommend Mr. Joe because he always writes back to everybody individually through our teacher.  In my opinion he is very generous and gives us gifts from his company.”













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