Russ James and his class.


Russ James and his family

Russ James Awarded Trucker Buddy of the Month for April 2011

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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Kristen Belcher, a third grade teacher at Kaufman Elementary School located in Spring Texas says her class is excited that their Trucker Buddy has won the Trucker Buddy of the Month for April. “Our class is very pumped that he won!  Wow!!! We are so excited for him!   He does such an awesome job!  The kids really look up to him.  He emails us with updates on where he’s been and sends us pictures of places and landmarks he has seen including some storms that he’s encountered.”

Russ James, a driver for Titan Transfer has been matched with
Ms. Belcher’s class for only a couple years but the bond that
Russ and the classes have formed is tremendous.  He does this
by constantly communicating to the class via email, postcards
and class visits.  He also likes to stop on his trips and pick up
items that the class would find interesting.  On one trip he was
driving by a famous meteor crater located Arizona and he
stopped, bought a book about the crater and sent it to the class
to learn more about that part of science.

Ms. Belcher said, “Russ loves to visit the class and the students
love to see him.  He makes the visits special my bringing some
samples of the products he hauls and things he’s collected on
his trips. One visit he surprised the class by bringing his wife
and father to let the students meet them and ask questions. 
Another visit he brought the class the steering wheel from his
truck and presented it to them.  He just purchased a new truck
and thought they would love to have it to remind them of him. 
That’s why they care for him so much.”

Russ likes to turn everything into a teaching experience and
uses his truck to teach the students about working hard, studying
hard and finding a good job when they are grown. 

Each of the students wrote an acrostic to show how much he
means to them.  Here is an example of how they used


Rocking us out
Uh amazing

King of the world
Russ is amazing

Best trucker buddy in the world
Uh lot of fun
Drives cool trucks
Does have amazing trucks
You will wish that he’s in your class

Russ is amazing with kids
Uh cool with his truck
Super super superstar









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