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Trucker Buddy of the Month

Allen Button Is Chosen As Trucker Buddy of the Month for April 2010

Carol Bratman E. Midland Avenue Memorial Elementary School
nominated Allen Button, a driver working for Well Companies out DePere,
Wisconsin as the Trucker Buddy of the Month for April 2010. Mrs.
Bratman says, “My classes and I have been members of Trucker Buddy
International since my second year of teaching in Paramus, New Jersey
1994. I have had other Trucker Buddies, but Allen has been with us the
longest. He has been my buddy since 2006 and he’s been outstanding
on so many different levels.”

Allen Burton sends post cards every month. The post cards are from the
states that he passes through and the students, as well as the teacher
gets excited when they arrive. He sends many pictures and learning
about the states has turned into a learning experience as well as a
competition. The class colors in the states on a United States map and
and they want to beat the other classes that had him in past school
years. “We make it a game to see if we can color in more states that
the previous class. The record before this year had been 36 states.
This year we already have 46 states! If we get all 48 states in the
contiguous United States, I told the class we would celebrate. Allen
has sure got us interested in our geography,” says Mrs. Bratman.
The students are required to write him back in a letter as a tool to
improve their writing skills. Something that many teachers are seeing
as a lost art.

Allen was able to visit the school with his truck several times and the
students were very excited. He led the class in some very appropriate
geography and chart exercises, had lunch with them, brought some
"shoo-fly" pies from his home state of Pennsylvania, and gave out
some wonderful gifts from his company.
Many of Mrs. Bratman’s former
students ask about Allen because of the relationships he has built with
them in the past. She will continue to consider him not only as their Trucker Buddy but a wonderful person and loyal friend. ACS a Xerox Company helps in delivering all Trucker Buddy press releases.

Trucker Buddy of the Month Sponored By:

Allen Button and Carol Bratman