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T r u c k e r B u d d y I n t e r n a t i o n a l
3200 Rice Mine Rd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
1-800-MY-BUDDY (692-8339)
Send Out Cards Program

Trucker Buddy and Send Out Cards is offering our members an easy way to send postcards and greeting cards at a very low cost. It's easy to send your class a postcard of any state in the U.S. just by selecting your card, adding your comments and then submitting the order.

They offer the option to take your own pictures of your truck or family or anything on your camera and turn that into a custom card just for you.

You will need to go to Send Out Cards learn more and set up an account. Be sure to type in Trucker Buddy in one of the company fields!

Send Out Cards will:

Print your card on high quality card stock.

Address it to your teacher.

Place a stamp on it.

And mail it for you.

Subscription Prices:
Stock postcards are printed and mailed for $.78 each
Stock greeting cards are $1.42.

Customization is $.49 per side customized.

Example: A postcard with the picture of your truck on the front would be $.78 plus one side customized which adds $.49. So the customized postcard would be a total of $1.28.

For help in setting up your account or using the service you can go to thier customer support page at or call 801-463-3800.