Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan, an owner operator has been nominated by Janice Jedlinski, Special Education Teacher at Abington Senior High School in Abington, PA. Ms. Jedlinski wrote the following about Wayne.


“Within the Life Skills Program we have very varying degrees of academic and functional skills and each week our students communicate with Wayne via written messages if they're able to write, verbal responses if they speak and even assistive communication devices such as Dynavoxs and iPads. So each message that Wayne receives may sound very different or may need some interpretations.

Wayne is great at answering each child's question with respect and dignity for their disability. He conveys information to us as to where he travels and gives us help in finding him on the US map. By communicating with us what he is hauling or what destinations he is delivering to he engages the kids and motivates them to expand their vocabulary.

I often hear from the parents that their kids are telling them about Trucker Buddy. One student even asked to buy guacamole after Wayne told them he would be delivering it to the store that week. He didn't even know what guacamole was but does now and likes it.

I know that doesn't sound like much, but to students who have a difficult time comprehending content and often lack awareness of a world outside their own Wayne has stepped in and become a mentor, a vocabulary expander and a friend. The students look forward to writing to him each week and even learned how to send the email.”

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Many of the students [in the Trucker Buddy program] struggle with academics. However, they work hard and achieve success because they are fascinated by the trucking industry.

~ Mrs. B.

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