Available Teachers

Before you sign up or add a classroom be sure to view the classrooms we have available.

These are the teachers that are available and want a Trucker Buddy. 
If you don't see a class in your area then go ahead and sign up because we have teachers signing up all the time.

City State Grade # of Students Special Edu.
Antioch CA 4th 30 No
Santa Rosa CA 3rd 22 No
Shelton CT 4th 22 No
E Hartford CT 5th 17 No
Lannilis France 8th-9th 28 No
Romeoville IL 9th-12th 12 Yes
Chicago IL 1st 24 No
Port Byron IL 3rd-5th 8 No
Lebanon IN 5th 24 No
Darnestown MD 2nd 10 No
Rockville MD 5th 14 No
Quincy MI 1st 21 No
Coldwater MI 2nd 28 no
Morganton NC K-11th 5 No
Paterson NJ k-5th 30 No
Las Vegas NV 2nd 25 No
Montgomery NY 2nd 24 No
Hannibal NY 7th 20 No
Middletown NY k-5th 9 Yes
Elmira NY 6th 24 No
Sodus NY 3rd 20 No
Madison NY 2nd 16 No
Pittsburgh PA k-2nd 9 Yes
Nashviille TN 1st 16 No
Payson UT 5th 30 No
Kenosha WI 4th 28 No
Miwaukee WI 2nd 25 No
Manitowoc WI 4th 30 No
Wright WY 6th 15 No


Bill was the best Trucker Buddy in the world! He was always in touch with us. He visited us and we went to see his truck. We went inside. I even got to do the AIR HORN! He was fun to be with the whole year.


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