Available Teachers

Before you sign up or add a classroom be sure to view the classrooms we have available.

These are the teachers that are available and want a Trucker Buddy. 
If you don't see a class in your area then go ahead and sign up because we have teachers signing up all the time.

City State Grade  # of Students Special Edu.
Birmingham AL 2nd  21 No
Bentonville AR 3rd 25 No
Yuma AZ 1st 1 No
Wickenburg AZ 5th 23 No
Bakersfield CA 2nd 25 No
Albion CA 3rd 15 No
Orlando FL 3rd 20 No
Palm Bay FL K 20 No
Vitre France 8th 15 No
Tecumsen KS 3rd-6th 15 No
Topeka KS 3rd-6th 10 No
Stanton KY 4th 75 No
St Paul MN K 12 No
LeRoy MN 2nd 20 No
Mills River NC 4th 25 No
Kendall Park NJ 2nd 24 No
Millville NJ 1st 6 Yes
River Edge NJ 5th 7 Yes
Las Vegas NV 2nd 25 No
Grafton OH K-2nd 16 Yes
Harrisburg PA 1st 20 No
Elgin TX 7th-8th 110 No
Virginia Beach VA 5th 20 No
Herndon VA 3rd 1 No
Hedgesville WV 2nd 24 No

This letter is to thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience. Trucker Don is the best pen pal we could have asked for. The children learned map skills, directions, can identify some of the states, and letter writing skills.


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