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Ambassador of the Year

Tom Grogan, an owner operator with Dart Transit was honored as the first ever Trucker Buddy's Ambassador of the Year at the Red Eye Radio Party during MATS 2012.

Tom was recently elected to the OOIDA's Safe Driving Award for completing more than 23 years of safe driving and was elected into the Dart Transit Driver Hall of Fame for his years of safe drivng.


"Tom has been an outstanding Ambassador and Trucker Buddy over the years and definately deserves this honor. He works many trade shows, answering questions about the program, signing up drivers and carring the message across the country. With Tom's hard work and dedication he is an obvious choice for this Ambassador Award."- Randy Schwartzenburg - Executive Director

"Tom is one of the original ambassadors and is always willing to help. He sometimes uses an innovated approach to recruiting drivers when he offers to wear a grass skirt when hitting his driver sign up goal.   He’s very committed to program and to the students and teachers that he works with." - K.C. Brau - President


Tom Grogan in front of the picture of the Trucker Buddy founder Gary King.