Trucker Buddy was well represented at the Charlotte Diesel Super Show. We talked to a lot of great drivers and signed up many of them. We wanted to give a special thanks to Mark Lowthrop and Randy Boswell for helping us at the show. We couldn't work these shows without the help of great Ambassadors like them. We also want to thank Marten Transportation and Southern Transport for allowing them to attend and help us.

Also helping us were Marilyn and Tony Draper with Send Out Cards. It's a great way to make sending cards and post cards easy.

LuLu, one the Walmart Bears, showed up and drew a lot of attention. She is always always a crowd pleaser and a hit with the kids.

Trucker Buddy at the Charlotte Diesel Super Show

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Randy Schwartzenburg (Trucker Buddy), RandyBoswell (Southern RefigeratedTranspo
Driver signs up for the Trucker Buddy program with his son.
RandyBoswell (Southern Refrigerated Transport) and Mark Lowthrop (Marten Transport), Gina Stumborg (Duplainville Transport
rt) and Mark Lowthrop (Marten Transport)